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Shopping in a Fender Wonderland!

Now thru December 31st ALL New Fender Vaporizer and Excelsior Tube Amplifiers will be tax exempt at checkout! We also have a special lot of New Mexican Fender and Squire electrics available at used prices. There's never been a better time to buy a new Fender or Squier than right now at Ben Jacks Arkansas Music, YOUR Guitar Central in Northwest Arkansas! The earlier you shop the better selection you will get to see of this amazing Fender and Squier offering!



We rely on and appreciate your return business!!! On your next visit to the Fayetteville store pick up your Frequent Buyers Punch Card. Every time you spend $25.00 or more, we will punch your card. After your punch card is full, you get $25.00 off your next purchase of $100.00 or more! (Plus the first punch on your new card!) Hows that for appreciation!



At Ben Jack's you can get a brand new, full size, genuine Martin Acoustic Guitar for as little as $499.00 or a brand new, full size, genuine Taylor Acoustic Guitar for as little as $599.00! Don't miss this chance of a lifetime to buy a new handmade acoustic guitar at a used price!!!! Every day lowest price available anywhere on all other Martin, Gibson and Taylor handmade acoustic guitars. You'll also find a great selection at great prices of fine new Fender, Recording King, Washburn and Epiphone solid top acoustic guitars!




Ben Jack's Under New Ownership

After 50 years Ben Jack’s Arkansas Music has changed ownership. Local businessman, Don Nelms, recently purchased Ben Jack’s and says he and his partners have changed the name to Sunrise Guitars and eventually will relocate the business.

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Acoustic Holiday Magic at Your Guitar Central!

If you love the smell of Spruce and Cedar at Christmastime you need to hop in your sled and get on down to Ben Jack's ASAP. Our Martins, Gibsons, Taylors, Epiphones, Fenders, Recording Kings, Washburns and more are all strung up and hung with care! Tis the season to buy guitars! Hurry down now for the best selection of in stock models and finishes while they last! We also have a great selection of ukeleles, mandolins, violins and banjos. Fill your home with the joyfull noise of Acoustic Holiday Magic with a fine new acoustic instrument from Ben Jacks!

Hometown Support

Purchases made at locally OWNED and operated retail stores keeps your money working for your hometowns roads, schools and other community services. Internet and Big Box Store purchases diverts local bank deposits and tax revenues out of town certainly, and probably, out of state. Recent studies indicate what good old common sense would suggest. Of every dollar spent on the internet, 0% goes back into your local economy. Of every dollar spent in a national or regional chain store, only 40%-60% stays local. But of every dollar spent in a locally owned store like Ben Jack's, 100% goes back into your hometown! When you stop and consider that prices are the same wherever you buy your next guitar, why would you even consider shopping online or in a national chain? Support your hometown locally owned merchants; they are supporting you!


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